Panic Away 21-7 Technique Explained

21-7 technique explainedHere is the Panic Away 21-7 Technique explained to help you to understand how the program works as well as what the core techniques that are involved in the treatment. The 21-7 technique, as it is popularly known, is the backbone of the the entire treatment.

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The name 21-7 Technique is created from the techniques where it uses the 21 seconds countdown to stop your panic attacks and 7 minutes to reduce and eliminate your anxiety attacks gradually and completely. The techniques are simple and have helped over 60,000 people around the world to recover completely.

The first stage is to remove the fear in us, that is through the 21 seconds of removing your panic attacks. It is essential because fear is the one that is obstructing us from letting our body to continue to heal natually and completely. Each time fear comes around during an attack, it basically throws all our effort away and puts us back to square one. So, it is like a board game where we are stuck within a few steps and never making any progress.

The key to making the breakthrough, move out and forge ahead towards complete recovery is to remove fear itself. Now comes the next step in the program, that is the 7 minutes of reducing and eliminate anxiety. Think of anixety like a big rock where we need to chip away bit of it one step at a time. This 7 minutes exercise will help you to feel that a ittle burden is lifted off of you. It helps you get rid some amount of the anxious feelings that you have at any moment so that you can feel better and continue with the day without feeling terrible for the entire day.

The other part of the Panic Away 21-7 Technique program is the C.A.L.M. Recovery treatment. The acronym has a meaning and this is what it stands for:

C – Community Support

A – Acceptance

L – Lifestyle changes

M – Meaning

Community is important and plays a role in helping you to be distracted and stop giving focus on the negative, that is the panic attacks. When we are no longer alone and have a community around us that supports us and keep us positive, it makes us feel better and more likely to move ahead than to go spiralling down in negativity.

Acceptance, is a cure and it will take us through a mirage of feelings. It is not something easy to achieve overnight but it is possible. Acceptance is the opposite of resistance, in which we stop fighting but to let things flow as it is.It is tiring to fight and as long as we resist, we will continue to struggle more. The more resistance we put in, the more we will not be able to control panic atacks and anxiety.

Remember that, acceptance, if looked at from a different point of view in a positive light will shed us the truth that there is more benefits from acceptance than to fight and go against.

Lifestyle changes is crucial and it is not surprising that in today’s world, many people are living life on the fast lane and many people have health issues arising from stress and pressure. Bad habits and poor diet can become contributors to trigger panic attacks and anxiety. Some of the examples include alcohol, caffeine, lack of sleep, constantly in a high pressure environment, lack of supportive people around, smoking, high junk food consumption, lack of exercise and lack of socialising are such negative habits that we can change and improves our lifestyle.

Finally, meaning is the aspect of where we stop looking so narrowly at the panic attack experience but look at the whole big picture of our lives. We are not meant to be stuck for the rest of our lives with panic attacks and anxiety once we start having it. It is just something that occurs to us that we can eliminate and continue to live our live after our purpose.

There you have it, the core elements of the Panic Away 21-7 Technique program which includes the 21 seconds countdown, the 7 minutes anxiety elimination and the C.A.L.M. Technique to help us restore back and let us live a panic free life that we have the right to.

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